HSA Select Plans: A Cost-Effective Solution
Combat the rising cost of healthcare by pairing a Starmark-administered HSA Select Plan with a health savings account (HSA). An HSA provides tax advantages and encourages employees to make cost-effective healthcare decisions. All plans include the Price Assurance Program for prescription drug savings as well as the LabOne Select Program.

Pair an HSA Select Plan with an HSA
An HSA is an account used to pay qualified medical expenses, and:
  • Encourages responsible healthcare decisions.
  • Allows pre-tax or tax deductible contributions at any time.
  • Enables consumers to carry forward unused balances from year to year.
Once an HSA Select Plan is in force, an HSA can be established through Starmark's recommended HSA trustee, HSA Bank™, or through any other administrator or financial institution that offers HSAs.

  • Click here to see product availability by state.
  • Click here for an HRA/HSA/MSA comparison.
  • Click here to calculate year tax deferred growth and future value of an HSA.
For more information on these products, contact your local independent insurance agent.

Benefits may vary by state and exclusions and limitations apply.

If you reside in Arizona, these pages do not describe the products available in your state. Contact an agent for printed materials.

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